Wedding photography

Anyone who knows me will know that I say I ‘don’t DO weddings’….. However, that isn’t strictly true… I’ve done a couple now, working as a second shooter to my good friend and fellow photographer Steven Parker, of Steven Parker Photography, based in Haddenham.


Last summer, we both photographed the beautiful wedding of Daniel and Holly, down in Hertfordshire. The thing I enjoy most about any ‘celebration’ or event, is being able to capture the essence of the day through expressions – capturing the ‘sparkle’… the joy, surprise, cheekiness, raw emotion. These come through in a photograph, often stronger even than in a video, as they capture that precise moment, that look… that glimpse into the soul. A look that is captured in a second and lasts a lifetime.

Tough times

Don’t get me wrong, photographing a wedding is tough… really tough! You have to be in several places at once, get ‘the’ specific shots that are required / expected and capture the mood and emotion of the bride and groom, as well as family and friends. With that said though, as with the previous wedding that I shot with Steven, I had so much fun! I think I may have gotten a little carried away – especially into the evening and boogying (erm, I mean ‘blending in’!) on the dance floor.

Seeing the reactions of Daniel and Holly, and both sets of parents at the ‘reveal’ (slideshow of the shortlisted images from the day) at Steven’s office was so rewarding… There were tears of joy all around and everyone was delighted not just in the photos, but also in the ‘experience’ that Steven and I had provided throughout the wedding day.


Anyway, enough rambling…. take a look through the images to see for yourself! Click here to be taken to the gallery.