My daughter is no stranger to stage or screen, having performed in a number of youth theatre productions, dance shows, a national TV commercial and school productions, but it was great fun to be part of a short film she was involved in, that was primarily shot in our own home!

It was a strange experience for me as Isla’s ‘character’ (Daisy) was playing a daughter to her ‘mum and dad’ and I was tasked with not only taking the BTS (behind the scenes) photos, but also the prop/incidental photos to be used in the film: so the nice ‘happy family’ photos of parents and child:




I was only mildly offended by Katie Wooten (playing ‘Daisy’s mum) being made up to look older (ie. more my age) 😉









Nevertheless, it was a fantastic project to be involved in both as photographer and parent and the short film has been a roaring success, landing numerous Film Festival awards and bagging Director and Producer, Katie Andrews a first in her degree. What a cracking team to work with and I can’t wait to see what Katie produces next!