We were lucky enough to have a school inset day on Monday, so we took the opportunity to take the kids to the Science Museum. I decided to give my cropped sensor DSLR an outing, but just took a very basic 35m lens and nothing else, to travel light. It’s not the easiest of lenses to use in low light, hand held, but is a cracking little portable lens – and provides a bit of a challenge… and I like a challenge!

Suffice to say none of these images are technically perfect by a mile; there’s a tonne of ‘noise’ from using a high Iso, and I doubt there’s a true vertical in sight, but most were ‘snapped’ at an opportunity rather than any staging or set up, but I liked the way some of them came out – especially the light and reflections in the Wonderlab installations.

Here are a few of my favourites in the GALLERY